Fishing Trip with a dog team

You can join us for a regular fishnet checking trip starting from our house. This is not a “husky safari” organized to entertain travelers, but an opportunity to take part in our daily life and to try professional fishing for a few hours. This means, that we run in natural conditions: on one day we have a hard, fast trail ahead, on another day we might have no trail visible and we will run slow, sometimes assisting the dogs where the snow is very deep. Without machines we live by the natural conditions.

Before the trip starts, you will get to greet our friendly dogs and help in harnessing them if you wish. We will give you full mushing & safety instructions before the start. Riding on the lake is very safe, as the ice is very thick and there are no trees to bump into. On the trip you will be mushing your own team (two adults + child maximum on the sled) behind ours, and you will learn the secrets of wintertime net fishing. You will have an opportunity to get a hands on experience of net checking, and if you prove lucky you can take along a fish to fry for supper in your accommodation. A hot drink and some cookies will keep us warm and spirits up!

This experience has been popular for the genuine and intimate experience of actually working in the quiet wilderness, far away from noisy machines. People have also loved the opportunity to ask questions and chat with local people during the net checking.

Program includes:

  • Whole duration 2,5 h in average
  • Mushing for 40 min in average
  • Hands on experience of net checking (special gloves provided)
  • Hot drink and cookies
  • Transportation from Inari back and forth

For two persons ( + child)

  • Reservation needs to be made the day before latest.
  • Start preferably around 10 am. (to be out on the lightest hours of the day).
  • Trip can be cancelled because of bad weather the same morning (like a white out storm, temperature below -30 c, extreme winds or the like)


Marja & Ilkka